The History of The Company

The forerunner of PT Andalan Asia Tobacco was originally a family company. Since 1967, our family members are scattered in Surabaya, Jember, Madura, Bali and Lombok. Since almost all of our family members are looking for a source of livelihood from tobacco, we are thinking of starting a company, where we hope that in the future this company can create jobs and preserve the culture of growing tobacco in Indonesia which has been practiced since the Dutch era.

Currently our main business is Export and Import of tobacco. We are a supplier of tobacco to cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia and also an exporter of Indonesian tobacco. For imported tobacco we can supply from all origins, namely: China, Zimbabwe, USA, Brazil, Turkey, etc. and of all types, namely: expanded, scrap, leaf and DIET. For Indonesian tobacco, we can supply DFC tobacco, FC Lombok, FC Bojonegoro, Jatim VO, Madura VO, Kasturi, Besuki Na Oogst and also TBN.

Following the current trend and in accordance with our vision and mission which will switch to a manufacturing company, we also produce TIS tobacco (Slice Tobacco), TSG (Ready Milled Tobacco).