Message from CEO

Dear valued customers and suppliers,

The year 2023 we remarked as a recovering era of economy and everyday life as the pandemic of covid 19 is cured. But this year there is a significant price increase on all types of tobacco. At the same time, the government also increased tax stamps. This situation puts make factory in not easy situation. Substitute raw materials and changing blend composition are amongst what cigarette factories can do.

This year also we are facing the El Nino effect, which make tobacco plant deficit of water. Also, inflation on gas and food, and other essential human needs as an effect of the Ukraine and Palestine situation made recovery at the beginning of the year facing another challenge.

As a company, we keep sourcing competitive tobacco prices using our wide network around the globe and hope we can grow together to welcome the AI era and digitalization which is indeed cigarettes, whether as traditional cigarettes or other smoking devices still become inseparable things in human life.

Let us keep up our good work and enjoy life balance!

Kind regards,

Henri Kusuma
President and CEO.